When you’re stuck writing

Use this writing exercise when you’re stuck writing

When writer's block strikes, when you're stuck writing the next word, try this writing exercise.When writer’s block strikes, when you’re stuck writing the next word, try this writing exercise.

Thanks to Deb Dixon and the Mid-Michigan chapter of RWA.  I attended their workshop this past Saturday.  Along with copious notes of Deb’s GMC and an overview of The Hero’s Journey, Deb gave us an exercise she found in Finding Your Voice by Les Edgerton.  It goes like this:

Picture your character in the next scene you’re going to write.  Or the scene you’re in now.  Get into your character’s skin and ask these questions:

  1. What do I see before me?
  2. What do I feel?
  3. What do I hear?
  4. What do I smell?
  5. What do I taste?
  6. What is the light like?
  7. What do I want?
  8. What do I think?
  9. What happens next?

This is an awesome exercise and it will get your creative juices going.

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