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Writing advice from a dieter’s point of view

Writing advice from a dieter’s point of view Recently, while surfing the internet, I found some tips for maintaining a healthier lifestyle that could easily be applied to a healthier writing life style. It’s great writing advice from a dieter’s point of view: You can become whatever you envision. Yeah, that’s right. If you think…

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Don’t waste your talent

R.I.P. Michael Jackson You were odd, bizarre, and downright weird sometimes, but there was no denying your talent. If you, reader, have a modicum of talent, don’t hide it, don’t be afraid of trying, of rejection, of being different.  Blaze a trail.  Don’t look back and say “I wish I had -” You never know…

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When you’re stuck writing

Use this writing exercise when you’re stuck writing When writer’s block strikes, when you’re stuck writing the next word, try this writing exercise. Thanks to Deb Dixon and the Mid-Michigan chapter of RWA.  I attended their workshop this past Saturday.  Along with copious notes of Deb’s GMC and an overview of The Hero’s Journey, Deb…

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