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New Writing Group! Yowsers!

New Writers Group I’m in the process of forming a new writer’s group in Kona, Hawaii.  About time, eh?  I should say my husband sneakily posted some Craigslist ads and I started getting phone calls.  I admire his concern for my social and writing needs. 🙂 Currently, we have eight (8) members on (search…

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The dreaded internal editor

I met with someone the other day who brought up an interesting point.  What do you do when you can’t turn off the internal editor?  When she/he is ruining all attempts to get words written? Here’s what I do: Black out your computer screen.  If you can’t see the words, you’ll be less tempted to…

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Find the Center of Your Hurricane

Find the center of your hurricane Find the center of your hurricane, which isn’t always the weather. As I write this, the remnants of Hurricane (now Tropical Depression) Guillermo is dropping rain on us.  Hurricanes in Hawaii are a big deal.  We’re thousands of miles from any help and each island is a sitting duck…

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