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The Princess Bride Character Goals #TT

The fantastic book and movie, “The Princess Bride” provided a rich history of its characters’ motivation.
All characters need a goal, and “The Princess Bride” is no exception.  Let’s explore further: Continue reading

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Character motivation in The Princess Bride

Character Motivation in The Princess Bride Tagging on to my post What Does Your Character Want, I’m driving the wayback machine to 2016, where I posted three times about goals, motivation, and conflict in a story. This #ThrowbackThursday post is a repeat of the one on character motivation in The Princess Bride.    Princess Bride…

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What Does Your Character Want? #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

Answering the question what does your character want? is a key element in writing your story. It’s also a relatable element for your reader. Continue reading

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