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Birth Order Part 2, or Why Your Characters Behave the Way They Do

Birth Order Part 2 Last week, we looked at the peculiarities of the first born and middle child. In Birth Order Part 2, we’ll examine the last born, only child and twins. The way they behave can help you in crafting your story’s characters. Last Born Children Last born children fight hard to get noticed….

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Birth order, part 1, or why your characters behave the way they do

Birth Order Or Why Your Characters Behave The Way They Do Does your hero run a large corporation?  Is he a mover and shaker in the business world?  Or is he in a creative field such as advertising or entertainment?  Does he negotiate well?  Speak first and regret it afterward?  Maybe he’s the life of…

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National Novel Writing Month, revised

How to write a book in a month How to write a book in a month, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, affectionately called NaNo, is traditionally held in the month of November.  (go to .  My writing group unanimously agrees that November is the second suckiest month to write a book (superseded…

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