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The Vomit Draft #ThrowbackThursday

In today’s #ThrowbackThursday, we travel back to April, 2017, when I took part in the #AtoZChallenge. For 26 days, I wrote 26 blogs, each starting with a sequential letter of the alphabet. “V” stood for the Vomit Draft My old critique group—and others, as I’ve heard this term since—called the first draft the vomit draft….

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Cool Links 9-19-20 Edition

Here’s the 9-19-20 edition of cool internet links. We’ll take a look at a cool camper, animals that count, and how the aquarium residents are handling the coronavirus. Continue reading

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The Five Whys #ThrowbackThursday

The Secret of the Five Whys The secret of the five whys is known to a few writers, but it’s such an awesome way to know your characters and thus make plotting easier, that we had to share. Feel free to pass it on. A long time ago, when I started writing, a friend (hey,…

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