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The Road to Hawaii – The post office lies

The Road to Hawaii, or how we sold (almost) everything, quit our jobs and moved to Oahu, as told by one family who is experiencing the journey. The United States Post Services lies.  I’m sure they don’t mean to.  When they tell me something shipping priority on Saturday will get there on Tuesday, they probably…

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The road to Hawaii – L.A. Notes

Befolare I forget – impressions of Los Angeles, the good, the bad and the ugly. We arrived late Thursday, the 16th and left on Monday morning, the 20th.  Four days of any place is tedious, especially when you’re waiting to start a new life and having nothing but time to kill. Friday morning, we dropped…

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…for a reason

You’d think a big, sophisticated city like Las Vegas would have the newest, spiffiest technology in the world.  Well, you’d think wrong.  It’s lacking a simple little thing called wi-fi. Seriously, finding an open connection, free or otherwise, sucked up almost two hours of my time Wednesday night.  We rolled into town late afternoon.  Aaron…

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