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An Easter egg answer

I promised the answer to the fledekan disease.  It’s what turns my aliens into zombies in my WIP “Oompa Loompa Zombies and the Star Princess.”  Easter eggs are a form of inside jokes.  I’ve seen them on TV series, and I’m having a lot of fun planting them in OLZSP. <Drum roll> Fledekan is Naked…

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Easter eggs

Know what an Easter egg is?  Not a brightly colored spring treat.  No, it’s a secret, an inside joke.  The TV series, Lost, was great at hiding Easter eggs for its avid viewers to discover.  They’d show characters in the background that shouldn’t be there, tie everyone together in convoluted plot twists, and who could…

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Polish, polish, polish

I’ve finished the last of four rounds of edits for “Tall, Dark and Slayer”, my January release from Champagne Books.  I’ve taken out em dashes, fragmented sentences and lots of question marks.  I’ve read the manuscript approx. twenty times.  I have to make one more pass and send it back to my editor.  She’ll bump…

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