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Linear writing

It’s Throwback Thursday It’s Throwback Thursday, and I’m reprinting a post on linear writing that originally appeared five years ago. The concept of every story being different is still true. Sometimes, extensive plotting is required. Sometimes, you put your head down and jump in. I’d like to say it gets easier, but I’d be lying….

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A to Z of Healing Book Review

In my third book review of’s ebook carnival, I’m taking a look at A to Z of Healing by Ishieta Chopra. A To Z Of Healing by Ishieta Chopra   Book Blurb: The Author, Ishieta belongs to a Lineage of healers. In the A to Z Challenge in 2017, she took up the theme…

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26 Favorite Foods #BlogChatterEbook

In exchange for free publication and marketing of my Writing Tools ebook in‘s ebook carnival, I’m writing a series of book reviews from fellow authors. The second in the series is 26 Favorite Foods & A Little Bit of Me by Mayuri Nidigallu. Book Blurb:  There is no sincerer love than the love of…

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