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The Plot Thickens Outlining

This is an excerpt from “The Plot Thickens:21 Ways to Plot Your Novel“, written by me and my wildly creative partner, Jack Monroe. Love It or Hate It, It’s Time to OutlineIt’s time to outline your story.  I’m a big fan of outlining; it helps me stay organized and focused, and keeps me drifting off…

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How to add depth to the characters you write by using their birth order

How birth order affects your characters We all know the cliches of the spoiled baby of the family or the tyrant older sister.  Why not use this information to drive your characters through your story? In “Birth Order, Adding Depth to the Characters You Write,” I examine the strengths and flaws of each child of…

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Dengue Fever—The Secret the Tourist Industry Isn’t Telling You About Your Trip to Hawai’i

The secret the tourist industry isn’t telling you about traveling to Hawai’i As the rest of the world (and media attention) focuses on the zika virus, we in Hawaii are living day-to-day with Dengue fever (pronounced Den-gee).  As a resident of Hawaii Island (Big Island), I’m sitting in the cross hairs of the most rapidly…

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