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Zeroable, The “Z” in the AtoZChallenge

Zeroable, The “Z” in the AtoZChallenge Ta da! Here we are, 30 days and 26 posts into the AtoZChallenge, and boy, are my arms tired. Or my fingers. Maybe my brain. I’ve never written so many blogs in a row, but the effort was worth it! I’ve read so many blogs from a wide variety…

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Yoast SEO, A Tool for Everyone

Yoast SEO, A tool for Everyone As I promised in my WordPress Essentials post, I’m devoting a separate entry dedicated to Yoast SEO. It is by far the most essential WordPress plug-in on my site. Oddly enough, I don’t remember why I installed it. One of those top-10-plugins-you-must-intall lists probably recommended it. Naturally, once it…

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Xenophobia and Xenophilia, a Writer’s Contradiction

Xenophobia and xenophilia? Or both? All during the AtoZChallenge, I’ve dreaded writing about the letter “X” almost as much as the letters “Q” and “Z”. How could I find an “X” word that relates to writing? Through an exhaustive search (at least 5 minutes), I’ve found TWO “X” words: Xenophobia and Xenophilia. According to Wikipedia:…

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