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Universal Book Links, Helping Readers Find Your Books #ThrowbackThursday

Universal Book Links can help readers find your books Tired of using Post-its to keep track of where your books are for sale? Don’t want to update your website with “Buy It Here” buttons for Amazon, B&N, iBooks and anywhere else your book is listed? Universal book links are the answer! Delete your spreadsheet!…

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Creating a Villain #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

Character Development – Creating a Villain Today’s post looks deep into the skill of creating a villain. Your story contains many elements that are critical: a main character, a plot, settings, etc. One of the most important is the villain or the antagonist. He adds depth and flavor to your story, more so than any…

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Cool Links for 7-14-2018

Cool Links for 7-14-2018 Here are a few cool links for 7-14-18 Summer is here, and the living is easy. I grew up in Michigan, where we spent summer weekends at “the lake”. It didn’t matter if “the lake” was nearby Lake Michigan or one of the state’s 100,000 inland lakes. “The Lake” brought cool…

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