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FREE Download: Writing Tools 26 Tips on How to Improve Your Writing

Free download of Writing Tools 26 Tips on How to Improve Your Writing is available If you follow this blog, you know that in April I took part in the #AtoZChallenge through One of the benefits of using blogchatter as a platform was the opportunity to turn my blogs into an ebook, Writing Tools…

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Book Marketing Plan for Self-Published Authors

Do you have a book marketing plan for your self-published book? Is your book self-published?  Have you figured out your self-published book marketing plan? With the introduction of the Kindle in 2007 (only 10 years ago?) the publishing industry changed. It’s still changing.  I believe the big city publishers continue to work their way through how…

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Book Review:Writer on Budget

Writer on a Budget: Insider tips and resources to help you write, polish, publish, and market your book at minimal cost by Sarah Lentz I’ve been remiss in not posting more book reviews to my blog. I read a great many books, blogs, and downloads and have learned many tips and techniques about writing and…

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