“Rabbit, Rabbit” and Other Good Luck Rituals

What’s your good luck ritual?

Today is September 1st, and I remembered to say “rabbit, rabbit,” the very first thing when I woke. It’s one of the good luck rituals I know will bring me good luck the rest of the month.

Weird good luck rituals include repeating the words "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit", "white rabbit" or any variation out loud upon waking on the first morning of a new month will ensure good luck for the rest of the month.Per English tradition, repeating the words “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit”, “white rabbit” or any variation out loud upon waking on the first morning of a new month will ensure good luck for the rest of the month.

How did I pick up this strange tradition? I read it in a book when I was younger. I know of only one other person who is familiar with this good luck ritual.


Railroad good luck rituals

Counting the cars in a train is an old good luck ritual. The total cars will equal the number of years you'll live.When my children were younger, they had two good luck rituals involving railroads.

  • When riding in a car, lift your feet off the floor while going over a railroad track.
  • If you count railroad cars, the total will equal how many years you’ll live. Obviously, you only want to count the really long trains.



Cemetery good luck rituals

One good luck ritual is to hold your breath while driving in a car past a cemetery.When in a car, hold your breath while passing a cemetery to avoid the spirits entering your body. I disagree with this one as I grew up living across the street from a cemetery. It was a quiet neighborhood.

Counting cars in the funeral procession—the number of cars equals the days left until your own death. Best stick to counting train cars, eh?



Salt superstitions

Good luck rituals include tossing a pinch of spilled salt over your left shoulder to ward off the devil.If you accidentally spill salt, one good luck ritual includes tossing a pinch of spilled salt over your left shoulder to ward off the devil. The devil evidently hovers behind you to the left and a salt shot in the eye will send him away.

The superstition traces back to the time of the Last Supper. Judas Iscariot spilled salt on the table, and we all know the bad luck that caused.


Ladybug superstitions

  • Finding a ladybug is a sign of good luck. Killing one is bad luck.
  • The number of dots on the back of a ladybug equals the number of years of good luck you will have.
  • A ladybug landing on your hand indicates good weather is near.Having a ladybug land on you is a sign of good luck.


Other good luck rituals

  • A horseshoe nailed over your front door will bring good luck, but only if it’s open side up. If it’s open side down, your luck will run out.
  • When eating any fowl, save the breast wishbone. When it dries, with a friend, each of you pull on one end of the wishbone. The one who gets the bigger piece will have good luck.


These are some of the weird good luck rituals I learned growing up. Do you have a different ritual or belief in your family or culture? Leave them in the comments below.

Blessings to you,


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10 Responses to “Rabbit, Rabbit” and Other Good Luck Rituals

  1. What an adorable post this is!
    I am going to start saying ‘Rabbit, Rabbit’ at the start of each month too.
    An extra helping of good luck coming your way for sharing this with us:)

  2. Hi Cheryl! This is the first time I´m visiting your blog. This was such an enjoyable post. So apt for the beginning of a new month. Some of them are familiar like the wishbone ..we used to do the same thing at home. The rest were good fun to know. I found the spilled salt superstition amusing….and the counting of cars during a funeral procession eery. I have to agree with your take on graveyards. I have never held my breath while crossing one …lol. One of the superstition that comes to my mind is the twitching of the right eye is good luck for men and left eye is good for women. Vice versa for bad luck. I warmly invite you to read my blogposts at https://thetinaedit.com/. All the best for your Alexa. Love and Cheers!

  3. Deepa says:

    I have never heard of these rituals and superstitions before. They are cute. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Amrita says:

    Rabbit rabbit rabbit for me, please.Its so cute.Now spilled salt and counting sal is worrying .But this one I will enjoy.

  5. Tina Basu says:

    What a cute post Cheryl. I thought only Indians were superstitious, but now it looks like everyone is! Now my fave word is going to be rabbit rabbit!

  6. Manisha Garg says:

    I liked the first rabbit one, very cute

  7. dr. Bushra says:

    So many superstitions prevails I’ll love to count the railroad count instead Counting cars in the funeral procession fun read for me

  8. SoulMom says:

    Such an interesting post. We can all do with lots more luck in life. Come 1st of the next month and I’m going to remember the ‘Rabbit’ ritual. And keep my eyes open for a ladybug. Fingers crossed. 🙂
    Thank you Cheryl. Always a pleasure to read your blog.

  9. Woah! I didn’t know of any of these superstitions before. This is one amazing and quite an informative post in terms of gaining knowledge. ‘Rabbit,Rabbit,Rabbit’ sounds really good, I will definitely try it to bring some much-needed good luck this way. 🙂 Amazing read! 🙂

  10. admin says:

    I’m happy you like these. What are some odd superstitions you know?

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