Mark Hamill, Millennials, and Marketing —This Week’s Cool Links

Mark Hamill, Millennials, and Marketing

This week’s cool links include Mark Hamill, Millennials, and Marketing tips.

Luke Skywalker smacks down Grammar Nazi

Mark Hamill, Millennials, and Marketing

Writers correct grammar. It’s what we do. Misused commas, em dashes, apostrophes, and the dreaded you’re vs. your. Nowhere was this more in evidence this week than on Twitter. A grammar Nazi tried to shame Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker himself!) and was slapped down. Twitter applauded. Merriam-Webster wants to hire him. Read the complete story here.

What’s wrong with Millennials?

Mark Hamill, Millennials, and Marketing

I’m the mother of two Millennials who do not fit the typical profile. But for those who do, this video makes it clear what their problems are and how they can be solved. Apparently, it’s all our fault for raising precious snowflakes, giving the participation awards, and telling them they could be anything they wanted. Bad parents, very bad parents.

Millennial video

How to Market Your Book

Smashwords’ founder Mark Coker offers a six part book marketing (free) course on their website. Go to part one here:

How to market your book

How to Start a Blog

Mark Hamill, Millennials, and Marketing

If you’re reading my blog and you don’t have a blog, here’s an article that will walk you through all the steps. I received >26K hits on this post on Pinterest. Guess they know what they’re talking about, yeah?

Are you selling something? A book, maybe? Or you’ll have a book in a year or two? Build an audience before you introduce your product. It’s called building a relationship, something our text messaging, no-contact world needs to learn how to do.

Go here. Set up a blog. Add your URL in the comments and I’ll come visit. Promise.

How to use The Force to Write Your Novel

Mark Hamill, Millennials, and Marketing

We started this blog with Luke Skywalker, we’re ending it with The Force.

Go here to learn how to use The Force to write your novel. It’s a Jedi mind trick you’ll be glad you know. (Hint:Establish a habit)

I’ll be back on Monday to share another Character Development tip.

Until then, blessings,


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