Cool Links 8-25-18

Cool links 8-25-18

Cool links 8-25-18 range from cookies to chocolate and a couple of places in between.

Chocolate Spill

Oh, to be behind this truck when it rolled into a ditch!

A semi-trailer, hauling 40,000 pounds of Hershey products overturned recently and lost part of its load.

I know from experience any food spilled can’t be sold. A truckload of toaster pastries spilled near my house, and we stuffed our freezer and ate well all winter long.

Where did the Hershey bars go? What a sweet deal!

cool links 8-25-18

Diver helps shark

A scuba diver in Australia removed a fishing net stuck in its mouth. Read the article here.

Score 1 for the diver

Score 1 for the shark

The poor little fishies who might end up as lunch score Zero.

cool links 8-25-18

Animal Crackers Roam Free

After 115 years of captivity, the animals in Barnum’s Animal Crackers are free to roam the savannah.

In a redisgn of the iconic cracker box, the boxcars are gone, and the “circus” animals are shown walking the grasslands.

cool links 8-25-18

P.E.TA. is claiming a victory.

Maybe they chould have redesigned the actual cracker. Is it an elephant? Or a rhino?

Read the whole story here.

60 Beautiful Abandoned Places

An abandoned ferris wheel, WWII cars, and houses. This article highlights beautiful structures that have been abandoned and left to rot. Check out the article here.

cool links 8-25-18




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  1. Maris says:

    Cheryl, I hope “Lane” is not giving you any problems where you live. Stay safe and dry.

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