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2018 A-to-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

2018 A-to-Z Challenge Theme Reveal It’s time for the 2018 A-to-Z Challenge Theme Reveal. But first, what is the A-to-Z Challenge? It’s a one month blogging challenge that takes place in April. Twenty-six blogs on twenty-six days. Twenty-six letters of the alphabet, one post beginning with each letter. One central theme. Any category. (Post every…

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Shadows and Water This Week’s Cool Links

This week’s cool links are nature centric: Shadows and Water Shadows and Water, two of nature’s cool subjects are highlighted in this week’s Cool Links blog post. Oh, and I have some writing advice as well, brought to you by the amazingly talented and world class knowledge sharer, Joanna Penn. Shadows on the Wall Remember…

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Flash Sale! Snow White Celebrates an Anniversary

Flash Sale! Snow White Celebrates an Anniversary! Is it a flash sale if it lasts 10 days? Who knows? Not me, I don’t even know the date I first published Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf. I had it planned that when Snow White celebrates an anniversary, I’d put her (and the eighth dwarf) on…

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