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Love's Brilliant Wreckage

Love’s Brilliant Wreckage is Available in Paperback

Two weeks ahead of the ebook launching, Love’s Brilliant Wreckage is available in paperback on Amazon now.

.Love's Brilliant Wreckage book cover

99¢ special

From launch day, June 19th to the 26th, the ebook will be on special for 99¢. Don’t want to wait that long to snag a bargain? Pre-order now, and the book will automatically drop into your Kindle on the 19th. Easy-peasy.


I’m promoting Love’s Brilliant Wreckage on various social media sites. I’ll soon start adding quotes to images and posting excerpts to pump up interest.


Get a free copy!

It’s not to late to request a free copy. If you’re interested and have the inclination to leave a review (Amazon frowns on free copies in exchange for a review, but I can hint, can’t I?), drop me a line at cherylsterling@hotmail.com)

In the meantime, here’s what the story is about:

The first time she stepped into the pages of a book, she delivered a baby boy.
When graduate student nurse Annie Faraday enters books to deliver babies, she blames the illusions on multiple stresses. Her fiancé fights in the bloodiest battles in the Pacific Theater; her family is falling apart; and her boss, who is also her future father-in-law, controls whether she graduates from nursing school.
Now, with the end of the war within tantalizing reach, and the return of her beloved Jimmy, she can no longer find excuses for her visions. She must dig deep into her family’s unspeakable past to discover whether she’s traveling into an alternate world, or following the trail of insanity blazed by her mother. Which is real?



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Chambers Covered Railroad Bridge Cool links for June 1, 2018

Cool links for June 2, 2018

Hola! I’m on vacation (a vacation from retirement) and traveling between Arizona, Oregon and Canada. Here are my cool links for June 2, 2018.

Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge

Root Bridges Cool links for June 2, 2018

Locals craft the root bridges of Meghalay, India, to cross rivers and streams that swell during the monsoon season.

They’re made of rubber trees and take ten to fifteen years to craft until they’re strong enough to walk on. Once they span the river or stream, the local inhabitants add stones to make a path. The rubber tree roots grow around the stones to strengthen the bridge. Some of the bridges in the area are five hundred years old or more.

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