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AtoZChallenge Sneak Peek

AtoZChallenge Sneak Peek The AtoZChallenge starts tomorrow, April 1, 2018, and I’m excited! I’ve crafted twenty-six crazy stories about the “seasoned” citizens of Twilight, Arizona. Why not share an AtoZChallenge sneak peek with my readers? I asked. Why not, indeed? April 1, 2018 Arizona Heat One man takes extreme measures to cope with the Arizona…

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Kindle Select #ThrowbackThursday

It’s Thursday and we’re in the wayback machine, recycling a blog from 2017’s AtoZChallenge: For today’s AtoZChallenge, the letter “K” is for Kindle Select Amazon launched Kindle Unlimited (K.U.) in July, 2014. The subscription program (currently $9.99 a month) allows readers unlimited access to a large selection of free ebooks (only ten at a time…

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#AtoZChallenge Blog Prep

AtoZChallenge Blog Prep for April, 2018 As March turns the corner toward April, it’s time for AtoZChallenge blog prep. If you don’t know what AtoZChallenge is, here’s a brief review: 26 blogs in April 26 letters of the alphabet Write one blog per day (except Sundays unless the 1st is on a Sunday), working your…

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