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“O” is for Outline #ThrowbackThursday

“O” is for outline in today’s #ThrowbackThursday “O” is for outline is lifted from 2017’s AtoZChallenge. I’m borrowing content for today’s subject of how to outline a book from The Plot Thickens:21 Ways to Plot Your Novel, a book I and a writing partner published about plotting. IT’S TIME TO PUT SOME of these lessons…

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Pre-order Love’s Brilliant Wreckage for 99¢

Pre-order Love’s Brilliant Wreckage Pre-order Love’s Brilliant Wreckage Available for pre-order for 99¢ Releasing on June 19, 2018 for 99¢ Price increases on June 26, 2018 at $3.99 The first time she stepped into the pages of a book, she delivered a baby boy. When graduate student nurse Annie Faraday enters books to deliver babies,…

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Create Characters Through Numerology #ThrowbackThursday

Create Characters Through Numerology For today’s #ThrowbackThursday, we’re in the Wayback Machine, traveling to another of my favorite posts where we explore how to create characters through numerology.   In today’s AtoZChallenge, the letter “N” is for Numerology Today, we continue exploring character development, using Numerology as our base. Numerology traces its origins to the…

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