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Your Character’s Appearance

Your Character’s Appearance How do you introduce your character’s appearance? What’s the right way to let your reader know what your character looks like? Have her catch her reflection in a mirror? “Cynthia brushed her flowing blonde hair and wondered if her eyes were more blue-green or green-blue.” Ah, no. The old look in a…

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Mark Hamill, Millennials, and Marketing —This Week’s Cool Links

Mark Hamill, Millennials, and Marketing This week’s cool links include Mark Hamill, Millennials, and Marketing tips. Luke Skywalker smacks down Grammar Nazi Writers correct grammar. It’s what we do. Misused commas, em dashes, apostrophes, and the dreaded you’re vs. your. Nowhere was this more in evidence this week than on Twitter. A grammar Nazi tried…

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BoardBooster, A Social Media Scheduling Tool #ThrowbackThursday

***BoardBooster ceased operations on 6-25-18*** Today’s #ThrowbackThursday blog We’re in the wayback machine again, traveling to April, 2017 to revisit BoardBooster, a social media scheduling tool. BoardBooster is an efficient tool used with Pinterest.   Social media is overwhelming for an author The best heads recommend choosing two or three social media outlets to connect with…

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