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    Ordinary people. Extraordinary romance.

Universal book links like Books2Read help you keep your book links organized.

With universal book links, you need only one link to get your customer to wherever he wants to buy your book. www.cherylsterlingbooks.comUniversal Book Links can help readers find your books

Tired of using Post-its to keep track of where your books are for sale? Don’t want to update your website with “Buy It Here” buttons for Amazon, B&N, iBooks and anywhere else your book is listed? Universal book links are the answer!

Delete your spreadsheet! Books2Read.com has solved your problems. Amazeballs!

What is a universal book link?

From Books2Read’s website:

“Universal Book Links provide a single URL that an author, publisher, or fan can share online. Instead of linking to just one digital bookstore (or posting lots of links to lots of different stores), an author can share one Universal Book Link, and readers can follow it to reach the book on their favorite store.

The first time you click a Universal Book Link, it’ll bring you to a landing page here at Books2Read, where we’ll show you a list of all the bookstores connected to that book. You can click to see the book on any of those stores.

We’ll also give you the chance to save that store as your Preferred Store. If you do, we’ll automatically send you to that store whenever you click any Universal Book Link anywhere on the internet.”

For example, I can use books2read.com/u/bQZ6OZ for my book, What Do You Say to a Naked Elf? Click on the link, and you’ll be transported to all of the online stores where it is available to purchase. If I add more stores, Books2Read will update the stores. Instead of eight (or however many) link buttons on my web page or other promotional material, I only need to enter one.

The best part? IT’S FREE! As in F.R.E.E. No cost to you. Sign in at www.Books2Read.com, list your books, give them ONE link to gather the information from, and they’ll do the rest.

Just think, one less marketing chore for you to do. More time to write!


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How to write a villain. Creating a villain.

Character Development – Creating a Villain

Today’s post looks deep into the skill of creating a villain.

Your story contains many elements that are critical: a main character, a plot, settings, etc. One of the most important is the villain or the antagonist. He adds depth and flavor to your story, more so than any other secondary character.

Who is your villain? Your villain is your antagonist, your protagonist’s main threat to reaching her goals. He stands in her way, creates conflicts, and forces her to make tough choices that tests her and ultimately makes her stronger.Click To Tweet

Let’s dig deep into creating a villain.

Continue reading Creating a Villain #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

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pool float cool links for 7-14-2018

Cool Links for 7-14-2018

Here are a few cool links for 7-14-18

Summer is here, and the living is easy.

I grew up in Michigan, where we spent summer weekends at “the lake”. It didn’t matter if “the lake” was nearby Lake Michigan or one of the state’s 100,000 inland lakes. “The Lake” brought cool summer breezes and hours of entertainment.

If you have a place on a body of water, or even if you own a pool, you might be interested in purchasing one of these aquatic pool floats.


The resolution is not clear, but if you look closely, there are people riding on the backs of these floats.

Some of the floats come equipped with cup holders and a built-in cooler and will accomodate up to six people.

To purchase one of these beauties, head over to your closest Sam’s Club.

What happens during your lifetime

This video illustrates how much time you spend on various activities during your lifetime. Some examples include:

150,000,000 steps taken

42,000 words learned

16 years spent on the computer

13 years spent on your phone

To find out how many hours you spend (or waste!) on mundane things, please visit this site.

Summer activities for kids

Summer hours are challenging if you have kids out of school. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, free activity for them, check out these printable big monster coloring pages. With a printer and a handful of crayons, your kids will be occupied for hours.

Monster coloring pages. Cool links for 7-14-2018

Easy garden markers

If you’ve put in a garden this year, rain and sun might have faded your row markers. Replace them with painted stones. A few varied acrylic paints, a handful of stones found anywhere and clear varnish added to a minimum amount of time and a sprinkle of artist talent = the perfect garden marker. Heck, this could even be another activity for your kids!

How to Make Garden Markers by Painting Stones

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