The Alien and the CEO

The Alien and the CEO
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My next, newest short story, The Alien and the CEO, Book 3 of the Slakerian Empire series, is now available for purchase on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and other venues!

Vivi Soria’s anger couldn’t grow any larger. A foreign investment firm, Slakerian, Inc., has convinced the board of directors to sell her on-line matchmaking service, Hunting4TrueLove, against her wishes. She’s out of a job. Then she discovers possible fraudulent activity in the deal. Whether she’s owner or not, she sets out to find the truth.

Commander Jakes Echabarne of The Baldain, a class four vessel of the Slakerian fleet, is on his last mission. He’s slated to administer Slakeria’s repopulation directive on its newest colony. Vivi’s matchmaking program is needed to link Slakerians and recruited humans. A looming deadline and an unexpected glitch in forces him to kidnap her to debug the software.

Vivi demands to be taken home, but she’s already in deep space. Can she convince Jakes to arrange a return voyage to Earth?

Jakes knows the odds of her request. Can he convince Vivi to join him at the new colony?

Author note:

Mr. Right, Mr. Wrong, Mr. Alien, the first Slakerian Empire book, was to be a stand-alone short story. I never expected to turn it into a series. One day, I wondered about Dax Richque’s commanding officer. Was there a story for Jakes Echabarne? I paired him with the CEO of the matchmaking software the Slakerians needed to link their citizens with human mates.

Paul Landaeta was to be #3, but halfway through Jakes story, I realized, chronologically, Paul’s story had to be #2. How could his Earth-bound story happen before Jake’s ship-bound story?

Natalie is based off a story I heard about a dying woman telling her co-workers she was moving abroad for a job. She just didn’t tell them abroad was heaven.

That nugget stayed in my computer’s notes section, simmering and waiting for the perfect story to appear.

Future stories will include Ivy Mitchel, our bad I.T. chief; an architect; and possibly the Slakerian Emperor himself.

I’ll keep you updated of future releases.


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