Xenophobia and Xenophilia, a Writer’s Contradiction

Xenophobia and xenophilia? Or both?Writers suffer from both xenophobia and xenophilia.

All during the AtoZChallenge, I’ve dreaded writing about the letter “X” almost as much as the letters “Q” and “Z”. How could I find an “X” word that relates to writing? Through an exhaustive search (at least 5 minutes), I’ve found TWO “X” words: Xenophobia and Xenophilia.

According to Wikipedia:

Xenophobia is the fear and distrust of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange.”

“Xenophilia means an affection for unknown/foreign objects or people.”

Normally, xenophobia deals with one’s fear of another culture or people, but I’m sticking to the “foreign or strange” aspect of the definitions.

Writers are an odd group of people. Put one in a room with the internet her only contact to the outside world, and she’s content. Let her write, and send a check once her book is published (with no face-to-face contact with the principles involved, thank you very much).

Writers are the most introverted of the introverted. They fear and distrust:

  • Meeting readers
  • Most social media
  • Submitting their work for fear of rejection
  • Submitting their work for fear of acceptance
  • Actually, anything involving believing in themselves, their work, and the outside world

Writers are xenophobic.

On the other hand, when it comes to writing, particularly research, they love the unknown. We will research hobo code, the warning signs of a stalker, and how to kill someone without leaving a trace. We are suckers for the unknown.

Writers are xenophiliacs.

How can writers show symptoms of xenophobia and xenophilia? Because we’re weird. What other profession listens to the voices in their head, and get paid to do so?

Tomorrow’s AtoZChallenge will be about the letter “Y”.

#AtoZChallenge is a blogging challenge that takes place in the month of April.

#AtoZChallenge is a blogging challenge

Until then, blessings,


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4 Responses to Xenophobia and Xenophilia, a Writer’s Contradiction

  1. Yes so true .Writerare both Xenophiliac and Xenophobia. We do get paid for words in our head

  2. Kalpanaa says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more about writers being both xenophobic and xenophiliac. What a lovely word – I’m sad I didn’t use it but I’m glad to have found it here.

    Xenophobia #Lexicon of Leaving

  3. Sneha says:

    good read…not many people understand this emotion but it does adversely affect people in some way or the other. I had written about this in my last year’s #atozchallenge Xenophobic when my theme was emotions and moods.
    Happy blogging 🙂
    I am Sneha from Life as a Potpourri
    ~~ gal from the island ~~

  4. Anita says:

    Very true, Cheryl!
    I am content with my laptop & net connection! Learning & researching is great 🙂

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