How to add depth to the characters you write by using their birth order

Birth Order

Birth Order

How birth order affects your characters

We all know the cliches of the spoiled baby of the family or the tyrant older sister.  Why not use this information to drive your characters through your story?

In “Birth Order, Adding Depth to the Characters You Write,” I examine the strengths and flaws of each child of a family’s hierarchy (now grown for your plotting purposes). If you’ve wondered why your hero is a leader, a clown or a negotiator, the answer might be in where his birth order lies.

The last section looks at the romantic relationships between the different birth orders.  Do you want your hero and heroine to clash?  Make them both first-borns.  If your heroine has older brothers, how does her status affect her relationship with the hero, who is the youngest of his clan?

A truncated version of this information was presented as a workshop to my writing group, Grand Rapids Region Writers Group.

Happy writing!




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