Use Canva to Make Images #ThrowbackThursday

Use Canva to Make Images

Today’s #ThrowbackThursday post is brought to you by 2017’s AtoZ Challenge. For the letter “C”, I spoke about how you can use Canva to make images for your blog, etc.


"C" is for Canva, which allows you to create beautiful images for your blog and other social media outlets.

Canva allows you to create beautiful images for your blog, Pinterest,Twitter and Facebook headers and other social media outlets.

The letter “C” is for Canva, a useful online image site. is on online site you can use to create images for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest—just about any social media outlet. In addition, you can create cards, posters, EBOOK COVERS, letterheads, infographics, menus, gift certificates—a slew of handy, dandy layouts you’d normally pay someone to create for you. The best part is, it’s FREE.

Canva does have a premium service you can use with groups (up to 50 team members), and gives you unlimited folders to store your work and other services. For me, the FREE version is good enough.

First, go to and sign up, either with a specific username/password, through Facebook, Google or your email. Then choose a design. Here is an ebook cover I designed for a short story I published in October:Quotes from The Alien and the CEO, a short story alien romance


Use Canva images, your own or others

The nice thing about Canva is that it has over a million images at your disposal. Some are free. Any others will cost you $1. Click To TweetThat’s it. A single dollar will buy you an image of just about anything. (Hint: download a version without your captions and store it on your computer. If you have to tweak a completed image with text, Canva doesn’t recognize you’ve downloaded it previously and will charge you again).

You can upload any image or photo of your own or go to any free image website and upload. (Spoiler: I’ll be talking about where to get free images on the letter “I” day, April 11th).

The possibilities are endless

I’ve used Canva created images for blog posts (this one is about plot holes):

Fill in the holes of your story. My first draft looks like a tic-tac-toe game.




And book quotes I’ve posted on Twitter and Pinterest:

Use Canva to make images for your blog and other social media outlets




In fact, whenever I need a graphic, I turn to Canva. It's never let me down. The learning curve is short, and the time and money saved is invaluable.Click To Tweet

Tomorrow is “D” day. I’ll be discussing a book distribution channel I’ve used in the past.

Until then,



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