Tall, Dark and Slayer now available!

Tall, Dark and Slayer is now available for purchase

A purchasing agent for vampires and a slayer who takes out rogue vamps must set aside their differences to fight a common enemy in Tall, Dark and Slayer.After months of writing and editing, my paranormal romance, Tall, Dark and Slayer is now available for purchase.

Betty Banks has made a living as a purchasing agent for New York City’s vampires. Artificial blood. Sunscreen. Chocolate? Yes, because all of the vamps in Betty’s world are women, fighting a bloodlust that hits them in their childbearing years. They’re not immortal yet, but Dee Villa, a powerful vampire, hopes to soon make that legend a reality. Under her influence, Betty’s clients are taking to the streets, looking for fresh victims. Helping Dee is Betty’s grifter father, who sees the Back-to-Nature movement as the perfect con.

Gabe Mercer, a childhood victim of the bloodlust, is a cold, calculating slayer. He’s in town to take out Dee, a threat to the peace the government likes to keep. When he crosses paths with Betty, fireworks erupt. Soon, he’s embroiled in a fight to save her business, but to do so, he must first confront his past.

How playing “What If?” lead to a new story

Tall, Dark and Slayer started when I wondered if I could write a vampire book could be without vampire main characters. Could the hero NOT be a seven-hundred year old, jaded vampire, positive he’ll always outlive any woman he’s attracted to? Can the heroine NOT be a freshly-minted vampire with a shoe fetish? What if (my favorite game, playing “What If?) the vampires aren’t really vampires, but have a rare disease that makes them crave blood? And what if the heroine was their purchasing agent for artificial blood, working for a secret government agency keeping them quiet and satisfied? What if the hero worked for the same agency, taking out rogue “vamps”? And what if one of the “vamps” thought she’d found a way to convert to a traditional, immortal kind of vampirism?

With all these “What if?” questions, a book was born. The rest was easy (not).

Check out Tall, Dark and Slayer at the following sites:


Ibooks http://apple.co/1PRBrMB

Kobo http://bit.ly/23siU3g

24symbols http://bit.ly/1PiQKl5

Thanks again to the supreme Kris Norris for the cover!


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