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How to write a book faster, 5 quick steps

How to write a book faster, 5 quick steps If you want to know how to write a book faster, you’re in good company. All writers want to write faster. All of them. Even the ones who seem to release a book every other month <cough> Nora Roberts <cough>. What are some tricks to increase…

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So you want to move to Hawaii….

I can help!  As of today, I passed the national and state real estate exams.  The national wasn’t any different than what we’d been taught in real estate school, but the state?  Man, I was sweating silver bullets.  For example, the first question was something along the lines of “HRS (Hawaii Real Estate Statue) 405B…

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Never give up, never surrender

I’ve always been a big believer of talent winning out. Send your manuscript out and someone will recognize a good story and the skill it took you to write it Continue reading

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