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The Power of Infrastructure

Moving from home means losing your infrastructure Moving thousands of miles from home involves more than selling everything you own and buying it again months later at Goodwill.  Your entire infrastructure dissolves – doctors, dentists, the car guy who won’t rip you off, and your hairdresser. I’ve had three haircuts (or is it four?) since…

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So you want to move to Hawaii….

I can help!  As of today, I passed the national and state real estate exams.  The national wasn’t any different than what we’d been taught in real estate school, but the state?  Man, I was sweating silver bullets.  For example, the first question was something along the lines of “HRS (Hawaii Real Estate Statue) 405B…

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Vague is the New Black

The Road to Hawaii, or how we sold (almost) everything, quit our jobs and moved to Oahu, as told by one family who is experiencing the journey. Vague is the new black Before we moved to Hawaii, we’d heard a lot about “island time”, the slowing down of life, of savoring each moment instead of…

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