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20BooksTo50KVegas Day 1.0

20BooksTo50KVegas Day 1.0 Continuing with my notes from last week’s conference (I’ve reserved a room already for next November!) 20BooksTo50KVegas Day 1.0. Brian Meeks AMS Ads (what you didn’t consider) Keyword Analysis is important. Use a tool like KDPRocket to find the best keywords in your genre. Write good ad copy (it works!) He suggested…

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Writing a Book Blurb or How to Lose Your Mind Fast

The pain of writing a book blurb Writing a book blurb or description for book distribution sites such as Amazon, ibook, Kobo, etc. is a painful process for writers. You might as well ask us to stop writing. The process of distilling our 80K, 90K, 100K+ book into 100-150 words is impossible. Writing a book…

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