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Birth Order Part 2 #TT

Birth Order Part 2 #TT It’s #ThrowbackThursday, and we’re revisiting a 2/20/12 post about birth order, part 2 of the series. (Birth Order Part 2 #TT) Part 1 can be read here. Birth Order Part 2 Last week, we looked at the peculiarities of the first born and middle child. In Birth Order Part 2,…

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Birth Order Part 1 #ThrowbackThursday

#ThrowbackThursday This blog about birth order appeared (with slight changes) on February 13, 2012. Birth Order Or Why Your Characters Behave The Way They Do Does your hero run a large corporation? Is he a mover and shaker in the business world? Or is he in a creative field such as advertising or entertainment? Does…

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Keeping My Writing Organized

My latest attempt at keeping my writing organized. I have three strikes against me when it comes to keeping my writing organized. Or maybe I have three things going for me. I’m the oldest of four. For an in-depth look at how your birth order affects your character, go here for part 1, here for…

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