So you want to move to Hawaii….

I can help!  As of today, I passed the national and state real estate exams.  The national wasn’t any different than what we’d been taught in real estate school, but the state?  Man, I was sweating silver bullets.  For example, the first question was something along the lines of “HRS (Hawaii Real Estate Statue) 405B has implications on one of the following:”

Okay, we didn’t learn that.  There are over 30 pages of HRS, and we highlighted the good parts.  No way did we memorize each individual number.

But it’s over, my hitting the books every day for 3-4 hours counted for something, not to mention vocabulary words stuck on post-it notes in the bathroom and countless retaking of quizzes.  I will never, ever have to take the test again.

Bonus!  If you’ve read “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” I cannot emphasize enough for you to get a copy.  It’s all about envisioning the end results as reality and cutting out the negativity.  (thinking “I want” or I need” sends out the message that you are in a perpetual mode of wanting and needing and you’ll never get ahead).

Anyway, last night I envisioned the words “You Passed”, and, for good measure, “Wealth”.  Today we received a very nice check from our old mortgage company.  Seems we overpaid our property taxed at closing and they reimbursed us for the overage.  Sweet!

Dinner tonight is on Citimortgage.



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