Schnoztopia Launch Day

Schnoztopia Launch Day

It’s Schnoztopia launch day! For those readers who had pre-ordered the first book in my newest series, written under the pen name Noel Cash, thank you! Check your Kindle for a complete copy (unlike the first three chapters I uploaded by mistake and quickly fixed).

If you’ve jumped right in to reading Schnoztopia, please consider leaving a review. The more reviews, the more attention Amazon pays to the book and bumps it up for others to find. Plus, I like to hear your opinion, good, bad, or (hopefully not) indifferent.

If you’re undecided about buying, check out a free preview here. By signing up for my newsletter, you’ll get a free preview of the first three chapters.

Or you can skip all that and buy the complete novel here. Free on Kindle Unlimited, or buy for 99¢

Schnoztopia launch day


If you’re wildly enthusiastic about mysteries involving a part-elf, part human, part anything else guy with a keen sense of smell, why not pre-order book two, Smell You Later, available December 8, 2020?


Something stinks at Myth, Inc.

Rory Harper should know. He’s part elf, part human, part anything else, and his keen sense of smell is legendary at the largest employer and governing body of the not-quite-as-magical-as-they-once-were myth.

When a dead troll turns up in his lab, he recognizes the murderer’s scent—a vicious beast that shreds its victims.

But Myth’s Investigation Crime Unit has their own suspect—Rory’s part-time assistant, whose werewolf traits neatly match the evidence.

With the tenacious and beautiful pixie, Kix, at his side, his reputation at stake, an innocent man jailed, and a killer on the loose, Rory must uncover the truth before another myth falls prey.

He’s more than ready for the challenge.

They don’t call him the Schnoz for nothing.

What else is happening?

I finished the first draft of book four, Follow Your Nose! Rory and Kix are in pursuit of a demon from another time who wants to take over the world.

I’m considering writing book five, Non-Scents for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) but I’m not sure of my schedule (I may be drafted into chauffeuring my husband for part of the month). Can I still join and commit to 1,000 words a day instead? It takes place immediately after book four (bit of an open-ended, maybe, sort of cliffhanger) that puts Rory into an emotional tailspin he’s never experienced. Plus, there’s one or two bad guys to take down.

Blessings (and buy my book! I don’t get to say that too often)

Cheryl aka Noel Cash





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