Schnoztopia Characters

What do the Schnoztopia characters look like?

I bet you’re wondering what the Schnoztopia characters look like. Other than Rory Harper, our part-elf, part-human, part-troll, part-vampire, and part anything else hero. We all know he has a striking nose. After all, he makes his living by identifying smells for Myth, Inc., the largest employer and governing body of the not-so-magical myth.

But what about Kix, his pixie sidekick? And Frank Bothwell, his pain-in-the-ass boss? And Bertie Van Camp, the troll whose *spoilers*murder he investigates in Book One?

I don’t have photos for all the Schnoztopia characters. At one time, back in the early days of my writing, when I belonged to a critique group, we would make vision boards. First, 3D renderings with magazine cutouts and tchotchkes and what nots. I remember doing one with pebble and silk leaves for The Spell Breaker.  (I took quite a lot of my inspiration from Highlander).

After a time, storing physical vision boards became a problem, so I moved to digital. Nowadays, I don’t even make a board, but keep photos in a Scrivener file. However, I rethought that strategy, and have set up a Pinterest board for this series. Visit it here.

Anyway, here’s a photo of Rory, taken from the first cover:

Schnoztopia launch day









Schnoztopia characters

This is Kix, a model I found on a Bloomingdales’ ad. She’s close to what I had in mind.





This is Bertie, Bertha Van Camp, the nice troll who *spoilers*  met an unfortunate end in SchnoztopiaDon’t you want to sit down with her and a nice cup of tea?

Bertie, schnoztopia characters






This is Frank. If he looks familiar, this is a photo of an older Viggo Mortensen. Picture him with beadier eyes and a sneer.Frank Bothwell, Schnoztopia characters








I’ll post other characters as I run into the appropriate photos.

As an update, Book 1 of the Rory Harper West Haven Mystery series (a.k.a. Schnoztopia) has been out for a month now, and book 2  (Smell You Laterlaunches on December 8th. I’m a third of the way through book five (NonScents). I had to Jenga a few scenes to move the action toward the front. Plus, I deleted a few scenes. When NonScents debuts in April, I’ll offer the deleted material to members of my newsletter. Sign up below.

Thanks for indulging me!



p.s. Book 3, A Nose for Crime, is available as a pre-order, launching on 1-19-21.

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