National Novel Writing Month, revised

How to write a book in a month

How to write a book in a month, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, affectionately called NaNo, is traditionally held in the month of November.  (go to My writing group unanimously agrees that November is the second suckiest month to write a book (superseded only by December).

Traditionally, we pick the dullest, dreariest part of the year to host our own writing challenge, Winter NaNo.  This month, from the February meeting (2-11) until the March meeting (3-10), participants challenge each other to write 32K words.  No editing, no revising, nothing but pure stream of consciousness writing.  The internal editor is locked in a dark closet, and we all have each other’s keys.  We’re so serious about this, we’re bringing our laptops to the February meeting to kick off the event and will spend a dedicated amount of time writing on our projects.

A minimal donation is made, with the pot split between the organization and one lucky winner.  Writers who can’t make the goal pay a small penalty.

Sharing a goal like this is invigorating.  You know everyone’s in the same boat, so there’s no excuse not to write.  The competition is fierce, especially to be the first to claim “I made it.”

Several NaNo projects written by my fellow authors have been sold and published.  More motivation.

What are you hoping to write this month?  What is your motivation?

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