Launch Update #1 and the Case of the Cursed Technology

Launch Update #1

Launch update #1—Launching a new series under a new pen name is intimidating. In the past, as Cheryl Sterling, I uploaded the book’s file and cover to Amazon and other distributors, sent out a few Facebook and Twitter posts, and crossed my fingers. This time, as Noel Cash, I’m trying to be a little smarter. Absorbing the wisdom of 20Booksto50K’s Facebook group, I’m stacking my promos, changing my reader magnet, and offering the first three chapters on Book Funnel. (Get yours here!)

Launch Update #1 Noel Cash New name new book, changing genres

The Case of the Cursed Technology

I’m not saying I’m old, just stubborn. If I can’t understand something, I’ll keep trying until I do (thank you, YouTube!). Unlike my neighbors, who don’t have internet but still keep landlines, I’m pretty tech savvy.

(True story-I spent two hours Saturday deleting 46,000 emails from one neighbor’s phone. Ay-yi-yi)

First, a big thank you who took advantage of my October Book Funnel promotion. I gave away ninety-one copies of Schnoztopia in exchange for collecting ninety-one new subscribers. Here’s the tech problem—they existed as a .csv file at Book Funnel. When I opened it on my Mac, it converted to .answers (I think), which my email marketing server (Mailchimp) couldn’t read. I fiddled around with the file until I got it back to .csv. Yeah, me! (It was like moving 91 cats from one side of the street to the other. Thankfully, I didn’t have to retype email addresses, and no felines were hurt in the process).

Then, figure out how to create a new group on Mailchimp just for Noel Cash subscribers.

Back at Book Funnel, I joined a November promotion, but as the book is releasing October 27th (purchase a pre-order here to have it delivered to you on the 27th), I couldn’t offer the full book. Instead, I’m offering a three chapter sample, which involved creating a Word file, upload it to Book Funnel, delete the whole book file, and take a deep breath.

Writing is not all bonbons and pool boys, Brad

launch update #1Still with me?

Saturday, I signed up to promote Schnoztopia on three book promo sites: on October 29th

FussyLibrarian. com on October 30th on October 31st

Let’s describe your book in 350 enticing words or less!

What’s in it for me, Cheryl a.k.a. Noel?

Beside boring you with my whining about Launch Update #1, at the end of this week, I’ll have the first three chapters of Book 2, Smell You Later, for your reading pleasure. As soon as I proofread it for the last time, upload it to Vellum (book formatting software), upload that to Book Funnel, then come back here with the link. And duplicating the announcement in a newsletter. Not to mention uploading it to Amazon for pre-order (available 12-8-20) so I can add the link to Schnoztopia in great hopes the readers of book #1 will pre-order book #2.

Whew, again!

In the Meantime . . .

Launch update #1


In the meantime, I’m closing in on finishing Book #4, Follow Your Nose, in which our intrepid hero, Rory Harper, encounters a problem he’s never had to face, and the big bad villain (a demon from the past) is about to destroy our favorite small city, West Haven. (I love me a good smackdown). Stay tuned for more details. Available 3-2-21!

All this, and sewing masks for my nurse daughter. And trying to finish a quilt. Along with my duties as the HOA President and quilting group Treasurer. Maybe I shouldn’t bite off so much? Nah, what fun is that?

All the best to you! I’ll be back here at the end of the week with more ordering information and the COVER REVEAL of Smell You Later!

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