Dead Witch Walking Book Review

Dead Witch Walking, A witch just trying to make a living

Dead Witch Walking book reviewDead Witch Walking is the first of thirteen books in The Hollows series, written by Kim Harrison.


This series has been under my radar, and I regret the omission. After the huge bubble of vampire books in the first part of the century (including mine, Tall, Dark and Slayer), I’ve not read many books featuring non-humans. But, I’ve started reading some urban fantasies again, and the genre intrigues me.

The protagonist Rachel Morgan, a witch, is fed up with her job policing truant non-humans for Indeland Security (I.S.) Lately, all she’s pulled as her job as a runner are crap jobs and more misery from her boss. When an unexpected wish lands in her lap, she quits. A pixy, Jenks, and a non-dead vampire, Ivy Tamwood, join her to form their own agency.

Rachel’s troubles escalate. Until she can pay off her contract, the I.S. puts out a hit for her. To get the hit removed, she digs into the illegal dealings of Councilman Trenton Kalamack, linked to an illegal drug, Brimstone.

Set in Cincinnati (where the humans have taken refuge after a mutated virus wipes out a quarter of the population) and the Hollows, across the river, where the non-humans (immune to the virus) live, Dead Witch Walking explores an alternate time line.

Unaware of other species until the Turn (the day the non-humans rose up and made themselves known), the human population has banned technology and drugs. So guess what our civic-minded Councilman deals in?

Danger, Danger, Everywhere

When Rachel infiltrates his compound and finds more dirt on Trent, life gets treacherous. With her life in danger no matter where she turns, she must scramble to get the goods on the bad guy, stop her boss from fulfilling the contract on her, and keep the fairies from attacking. Oh, yeah, and there’s a demon.

I enjoyed Dead Witch Walking. The pace is fast, the threats real, the allies interesting, and it stars a kick-ass main character who just wants to make a living.



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