Cool Links for June 9, 2018

Cool Links for June 9, 2018

Time flies when you’re on the road. I’m in Canada for six more days. Fortunately, Canada has internet, and I swear I’m on it as much as when I’m home. Anyway, no sightseeing today as it’s raining. The rain provides a good reason to tether myself to my laptop and give you access to the cool links for June 9, 2018 blog.

Dancers create an optical illusion highlights this crazy dance routine. Tell me you didn’t look at their legs the whole time.

Bee Mine

Since I’m soon releasing a love story (see below) and I’m editing two others and outlining a series, I thought I’d share this video of true love:

The coolest link for June 9, 2018 and beyond:

Love's Brilliant Wreckage book cover

Love’s Brilliant Wreckage is available for pre-order for 99¢. Launching June 19th, the price is only available for one week. Order your copy now and receive it on your Kindle on launch day.

The paperback is now available! Find it here!

I’m hitting social media hard over the next two weeks (pre and post launch) with images and quotes from LBW, like this one:

Love's Brilliant Wreckage. cool links for June 9, 2018

and this one:

Love's Brilliant Wreckage cool links for June 9, 2018

I’ve also booked promos on eight different sites, so if you subscribe to a free or discounted book newsletter, expect to see Love’s Brilliant Wreckage between the 19th and the 26th.

****If you’ve asked for a free copy (It’s not too late to get you one) and read LBW, please leave a review (good, bad or indifferent) at the paperback site. It will transfer to the ebook when it goes live.****

For those interested, here’s more information:

Love’s Brilliant Wreckage is a love story told through letters from WWII’s Pacific Theater and the stresses and trials of Annie Faraday on the homefront.

The first time she stepped into the pages of a book, she delivered a baby boy.
When WWII graduate student nurse Annie Faraday enters books to deliver babies, she blames the illusions on multiple stresses. Her fiancé fights in the bloodiest battles in the Pacific Theater; her family is falling apart; and her boss, who is also her future father-in-law, controls whether she graduates from nursing school.
Now, with the end of the war within tantalizing reach, and the return of her beloved Jimmy, she can no longer find excuses for her visions. She must dig deep into her family’s unspeakable past to discover whether she’s traveling into an alternate world, or following the trail of insanity blazed by her mother. Which is real?

Get your copy here.

The paperback version is available here.

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  1. anupriya says:

    I loved the animation Bee-mine. Hope someday, I too would be able to create a similar animation for my book.

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