Cool Links 3-21-20 Edition

Cool Links 3-21-20 Edition

For the cool links 3-21-20 edition, I have only two stories. Take a little time from #QuarantineLife to enjoy them.

It’s not nice to steal laundry detergent

Boy, can I relate to this story. My husband (let’s call him Larry) has a super huge love of bleach. The way it cleans, the way it smells—he is a bleachaholic. Too many times in the past, I’ve removed clothes from the washing machine or dryer to find white spots. White blotches. Fabric eaten away. I finally banned the bottle from inside the house. Of course, with the current coronavirus scare, bleach is now part of our daily life, but not, I hope, in large quantities.

bleach, cool links 3-21-20 edition


Read this story of a college student who got a little revenge on someone who kept stealing her laundry detergent. You can guess the outcome.


Vincent and the Doctor

starry night, van gogh cool links 3-2120 edition

I’ll admit it, Matt Smith (Doctor Who #11) is not my favorite doctor. That honor goes to #10, David Tennant. However, one of my favorite shows of 11 is Vincent and the Doctor, in which Vincent van Gogh travels ahead in time and visits the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. There, he overhears stunning praise of his works. Actor Tony Curran gives a tear-worthy performance when he hears how the world considers van Gogh as one of the best artists ever.

Go here to see a snippet from the show.




Keep writing, and wash your hands!


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