Cool Links, 2-27-21 Edition

Cool links, 2-27-21 edition

It’s time for cool links, 2-27-21 edition. I have two cool places to visit. Why not more? I’ve been editing and reading, and rereading the manuscript for Follow Your Nose, Book Four of the Rory West Haven Mystery series. You won’t believe how many simple mistakes I found after I thought I had finished. But, the book is in pre-orderlandia at Amazon, ready to go live on Tuesday, March 2nd. Here’s the link: 

Meanwhile, let’s jump into our cool links:

Sweaters for Penguins

cool links, 2-27-21 edition

Penguins in sweaters

When penguins get caught in an oil spill, they try to preen, thereby ingesting the oil and making themselves sick or dying. The solution? Penguin sweaters (aka jumpers), knitted by penguin lovers around the globe. Our antarctica friends temporarily don sweaters, preventing them from swallowing the oil. The Knits for Nature program, active for over twenty years, provides the sweaters. Read more at

Speaking of Antarctica

The USA is separated into states. Europe is separated into countries. How is Antarctica divided? This pie chart will give you an idea. Does Antarctica look like a snooty butler to you? In the Regency or Georgian era, wearing a wig or a ruffled collar?

cool links, 2-27-21 edition

A Snooty Regency Butler




That’s all I have for this Saturday. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for #Snippets of Follow Your Nose, and its upcoming release on Tuesday!



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