Cool Links 2-22-20 Edition

Cool links 2-22-20 Edition

It’s been <cough, cough> a while since I’ve posted my favorite websites from this week. Cool Links 2-2-20 Edition is now Live! Read about bees, Girl Scouts, Tom Hanks, and French bookstores.

Bees and Girl Scouts

When my daughter chose the project for her Girl Scout Gold Award, she raised ladybugs in our basement to battle an invasive local weed. I guess insects and Girl Scouts are a natural pairing as this article talks about how Colorado Girl Scouts make bee “hotels” to save their wild bees.

cocoparisienne / Pixabay

A Beautiful Day with my Cousin?

The recent Oscars ceremony reminded me of an article about one of my favorite actors, Tom Hanks. He not only played Fred Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, but discovered the two are cousins! Read this article to learn more.


A Tiny Traveling Bookstore

What’s a Cool Links blog post without mention of books? This article takes us to France, where local booklover Jean-Jacques Megel-Nuber takes his home (and bookstore) on the road. Imagine combining the love of books and travel with the sweet addition of making people smile as you pull into their town to sell them books? Win-win-win.

traveling bookstore cool links 2-22-20

Thanks for revisiting some of my favorite websites from the week of 2-22-20 (don’t you love all those 2’s?)

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