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It’s #ThrowbackThursday—Write an Amazon Author Page

An Amazon Author Page is an efficient tool to promote your books.

An Amazon Author Page is an efficient tool to promote your books.

It’s ThrowbackThursday, and we’re reviving a blog from April 2017 on the importance of establishing an Amazon Author page.

One of the most effective tools you can use to market your book(s) and promote yourself is by creating an Amazon Author Page. It’s a FREE and easy way to communicate with your readers. Not only can you list your book(s), but any upcoming events (booksignings, readings), images and videos, and book trailers. Plus, it will automatically import your blog. Win-win!


How to create your author page:

Once your book is published (or if it is in pre-order status), go to Sign up using your existing Amazon account information. Add the following:

  • Professional author photo and biography
    • Use a picture of you, not your dog or a sunset from your last vacation. Your readers want a connection, and a photo of a person brings them one step deeper into your world.
    • Your bio should be centered around your professional accomplishments, not how you’ve been writing since third grade and how your family and friends love your writing. Remember, you’re showing your qualifications to your audience.
  • Your books
    • You can use Amazon’s ASIN number (similar to an ISBN) to add your book information.
  • Your blog
    • What a nice feature! Within 24 hours of posting your blog, Amazon’s bots will go out and fetch your post and display it on your author page.
  • Events
    • Do you have an upcoming booksigning? An author reading? This is the place to share.
  • Photos and videos
    • Not only can you share your author photo, but any images you’ve created for your story. Are you using a celebrity as an avatar for one of your characters? Post it here. Have you created a book trailer? Share it with your readers.

Other benefits of an Amazon Author Page:

Besides listing the above information, your Amazon Author Page works for you as well. Amazon is unparalleled in keeping track of information, which is to your advantage. They will list other authors your customers bought from (this is handy when you start to target your ideal reader). Sales rank and customer reviews are listed, so you can rejoice that your book is moving up in their ranking, and know when someone has reviewed your book.

Amazon will also issue you a URL for your author page, which you can use in promotion and social media. Here’s mine:

Look professional. Be smart. Create an Amazon Author Page. Let Amazon take over part of your marketing.









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  1. Iola says:

    I recently noticed an author whose Amazon author page has her name spelled wrong. I asked her, and she said she didn’t know how to get it corrected. Do you have any suggestions, please?

  2. admin says:
    She would have used this link to set up her original page.

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