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Advertise your books for free

advertise your books for free


I’ve posted this information before, but with the release of Schnoztopia, a new series, in two weeks, I’m re-running this post. If anyone needs to know how to advertise your books for free, it’s me.

(Read the first three chapters of Schnoztopia for free here).

If you, like me, rely on Facebook or Twitter for publicity, this is for you. Several websites will do your publicity for you. Yes, they’ll advertise your books for free or almost free.

Happy birthday! All that’s missing is chocolate cake!

I did not create this list, and I want to give the proper credit. This list was compiled by C. Glockel and is awesomesaucealicious. It’s from her September 2014 tumbler post. I haven’t checked out all the links, but if 50% of them are active (and it’s probably much, much higher), I (and you) will have saved a ton of free-for-my-book publicity research.

This link is a Google doc.

To check out (and buy) her books, go here.

2020 Update:

I have three major promotions on deck: on October 29th

FussyLibrarian. com on October 30th on October 31st

In addition, I’ll start posting snippets, excerpts and deleted matter from Schnoztopia within the next few days, ramping up to my October 27th release.

What publicity sites do you use? Which brought you the most return on investment?

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All the best, 

Cheryl a.k.a. Noel Cash

advertise your book for free, Book Launch #1 Noel Cash New name new book, changing genres

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