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In exchange for free publication and marketing of my Writing Tools ebook in theblogchatter.com‘s ebook carnival, I’m writing a series of book reviews from fellow authors. The second in the series is 26 Favorite Foods & A Little Bit of Me by Mayuri Nidigallu.

26 Favorite Foods and A Little Bit of Me, is a stroll down memory lane, sharing the author's favorite foods & the moments associated with each.

Book Blurb:

 There is no sincerer love than the love of food, said George Bernard Shaw and I couldn’t agree more! Food is a nourisher, food is a celebration and food is a memory that connects us to people and to our past. Everybody has a list of food they love and so do I. Come along with me as I share my 26 Favourite Foods and A Little Bit of Me, and attempt to recreate the flavours my palate has tasted, through my words for you, as I walk you down memory lane sharing my moments associated with each.

26 Favorite Foods Review:

First, this is not a cookbook, a mistake I made when choosing the book for review. I followed several food blogs during April’s AtoZChallenge, and I assumed this was one. My bad.

Instead, 26 Favorite Foods & A Little Bit of Me is a collection of the author’s experiences with certain foods and the memories they invoke. She presents each selection (in alphabetical order) in mouth-watering detail. More than once, I had to stop reading and go to Google or Pinterest to find out more.

This, perhaps, is the biggest drawback of the book. An author does not want her reader to leave (and possibly never return) by sending them elsewhere. Although the author did link some recipes to her blog, images and recipes could have dramatically enhanced the book. Perhaps that was not the purpose of the ebook.

I did enjoy the tantalizing descriptions, the mental images, and the author’s memories and experiences surrounding the foods and the occasions when they were served. I did not realize how compartmentalized the food and the people of India are. The region of origin and certain times of the year (celebrations, festivals, etc) seem to restrict the availability of the dishes. Surprisingly, the people of a region do not stray often from it, and (in my opinion) the differences between regions is a big thing and emphasized in daily life. In the author’s words, “I am a Bombay born and bred Punjaban married to a Chennai based Telugu. Yes, crazy things do happen! ” I cannot think of a similar statement made in the U.S. Perhaps the different cultures, languages, terrain, and tradition separate the Indian people more than other countries?

All in all, I enjoyed the delicious descriptions and the peek into the author’s life, but I wanted more than what I assumed to be in the contents.

Blogchatter ebook Information:

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26 Favorite Foods & A Little Bit of Me—About the Author

Mayuri Nidigallu is a Tarot Card Reader by Profession and a Writer by design.
Since she already knows what the future holds, she enjoys unwrapping the
Mayuri has been a Magazine Columnist and Freelance Writer and you can now
read her Creative Writing, Reviews, Travelogues, Recipes and Food Stories on
her site, Sirimiri – The Lifestyle Blogazine at www.sirimiri.in.
Mayuri is a Punjabi, born and brought up in Bombay, married to a Telugu and
currently living in Bangalore. Her palate has tasted a lot of flavours and eaten
food with unpronounceable names (wait to read her post for the letter P to find
out more) and relished its food journey.
Join her as her chapters make inroads through her memory and moments with
Food, in alphabetical order no less!




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