20BooksTo50KVegas Day 0.5

20BooksTo50KVegas Day 0.5

I’m one day back from a writer’s conference in Vegas and want to share some wisdom and tips from Day 1. Or, 20BooksTo50KVegas Day 0.5, because so much happened on Tuesday. I can’t begin to relay the excitement, comraderie, and spirit present.

20BooksTo50K is a Facebook group, currently 26K strong, dedicated to indie writers. Helping; advising; a safe place to ask; celebration, and so much more. A frequent saying is “A rising tide lifts all boats”, and I saw this so many times since I arrived in Vegas on Monday. The indie writers of 20Books are phenomenal.

Highlights from the welcoming speech by Craig Martelle, the conference organizer

  • There are other authors sharing the same burden of writing
  • Don’t be discouraged by poor-selling books.
  • A good story will carry the day.
  • The only one who counts is the reader.
  • Get the barrier of what you can’t do out of your mind.
  • Believe in what you’re capable of.
  • Don’t compare. Don’t feel less.


Highlights from a panel of high-power authors

20BooksTo50KVegas Day 0.5

Izzy Shows, Michelle Madow, Martha Carr, Jasmine Walt, and Lindsay Buroker spoke on the pros and cons of being a high power indie author (mostly pros)

  • Having fun.
  • Getting to market faster than traditional publishing.
  • Flexibility
  • Control over your career. Keeping your backlist alive.
  • No one will care about your book as much as you.
  • Lots of pressure.
  • Learn what you’re doing wrong.
  • People don’t know what your challenges are.
  • They make mistakes just like everyone else.

Amazon Data Overview

20BooksTo50KVegas Day 0.5

Alex Niehues clued us in about Amazon data (where science meets the arts)

  • Amazon sells $5.25 Billion a year in books
  • 30M buyers own a Kindle
  • 85% of Kindle sales are in the US book market
  • Audio books are squeezing out market share of print books
  • Amazon carries 6M book titles
  • 87% of those 6M titles rank #1-#5,000
  • The top 50 indie authors have >15 books published

And these are the highlights of just Monday morning!

I’ll be back with more tips and the unique vibe that’s 20BooksTo50KVegas.



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