20BooksTo50KVegas Day 1.0

20BooksTo50KVegas Day 1.0

Continuing with my notes from last week’s conference (I’ve reserved a room already for next November!) 20BooksTo50KVegas Day 1.0.

Brian Meeks AMS Ads (what you didn’t consider)

  • Keyword Analysis is important. Use a tool like KDPRocket to find the best keywords in your genre.
  • Write good ad copy (it works!) He suggested a book called AD Week by Joseph Sugerman. I’ve ordered my copy and am waiting for it to arrive.
  • Don’t write a synopsis. Hint at what might happen.
  • Write short hooks, six words or under.
  • Understand what your read thru is, and understand the lifetime value of generating conversions.

Chris Fox and Bryan Cohen on Cover-Title-Blurb

Chris and Bryan critiqued six book covers and Amazon blurbs from volunteered authors.

Writing to Market by Chris Fox

20BooksTo50KVegas Day 1.0

  1. Identify your target audience before you start writing.
  2. Understand the emotional resonance with your audience
  3. Write what you love

What readers look for on Amazon:

  • The cover has to look good in a thumbnail. If they can’t read it, they’re going to skim over it and go to the next book.
  • A book cover should have a legible title and high color contrast

The title:

It’s okay to be obvious:

  • Romance: heart, love, man, game, cowboy
  • Fantasy: throne, gods, magic, legend, queen

The Blurb:

  • 6 words or less hook
  • Follow the main character’s emotional journey
  • Raise the stakes
  • Leave the reader wanting more
  • End with a strong CTA or call to action. Ask for the sale.
  • Make the reader care about the character in the first line
  • Have a middle of the blurb cliffhanger
  • Blurb length should be 200-250 words
  • Tell them a why they should buy it and a command to buy the book (click here)
  • Beware of multiple breaks in the sentence (commas, dashes, etc), they break the reader’s momentum
  • Break up the sentence length so the blurb doesn’t sound monotone
  • Use active verbs
  • Use names in the cliffhanger to make it more personal
  • First person descriptions are easier to nail than third person. Look at what’s used in the top books in your genre.
  • You want the description to be raw, forge an emotional connection with the reader, draw them deeper into the drama
  • Plot in a blurb doesn’t matter. Show the character’s emotional journey
  • What is his/her journey?
  • Brainstorm ideas and get feedback from your newsletter readers or Facebook groups

Mystery and Thrillers Genre Breakout

Panel of AC Fuller, Carolyn Dean, and Mark Stone

  • Who is the dead guy? Why did he die? Who wanted him dead?
  • Use a template for what’s expected in the genre (use tropes)
  • Write a series
  • Market through Amazon ads, newsletters, social media, special events, and cross promos such as newsletter swaps.

Keynote Speaker

Chrishawn Keller Hanna gave a rousing keynote speech. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Finish what you start
  • Your way may be the way
  • Spend 30+ hours a week on your craft
  • #1-Take care of yourself. Your body is the moneymaker
  • Your goals are your own
  • The story is the reason the reader comes back
  • Success has a lot of moving parts
  • Keep your eyes on your own paper and don’t wonder about what anyone else is doing
  • Consistently and constantly be writing
  • Celebrate when you hit your goals

Whew! It took this post and Friday’s to cover just the highlights of one day’s speeches. I know notes are a poor substitute for being there, but (here’s the secret), if you join the Facebook 20Booksto50KVegas group, you’ll have access to a majority of the speeches (the main room was videotaped and a few of the smaller panel discussions were added on the fly via iphones. Next year, all speeches will be taped).

I’ll be back soon with highlights of Day 2-how to be a part-time author and get full-time results; writing in the dark with Dean Westly Smith; short stories and taking them hybrid, and using the opening hook.

I hope you enjoyed my notes from 20BooksTo50KVegas Day 1.0.

Until then, blessings,


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