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ProWritingAid, A Writer’s Best Editing Friend

ProWritingAid is an essential editing tool After a month (or two, or three) of writing non-fiction, I’m back at work writing fiction. One of the essential tools I use is ProWriting Aid. I touched on its features briefly in my “R” is for Revising Your Rough Draft blog. I’d like to explain more of why…

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Scene and sequel #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop

Scene and Sequel Scene and sequel always sounded so esoteric to me, a lofty action practiced by those in the literary world. It seemed precise and calculated and very dry and boring. Not at all the way I plotted my stories, which has always been a dash of pantsing and enough planning to know the…

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Give Harrison Ford to Mom for Mother’s Day

Give Harrison Ford (no, not that one) to Mom for Mother’s Day Harrison Ford (no, not that one) likes his ordinary, life. With the notoriety of his name and the responsibility of his family after his father’s death, he plays everything safe. From a boring career as an insurance actuary to a cookie-cutter Chicago suburb…

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