What’s your book “nyet” factor?

How long do you read into a book before deciding to give up on it?  Or do you “suffer” all the way to the end?  Don’t laugh – if Amazon reviews are any indication, there are tons of reviewers who force themselves to read those terrible books they give 0-1 stars to.

I ask because I recently picked up a new book at the library, a novel I’ve heard good things about.  I’m barely 40 pages into it, and wonder at the wisdom of plunging in any further.  Maybe I’m put off by the daunting size – almost 800 pages.  Or maybe I’m used to the Hero’s Journey style of storywriting.  This book has no gripping hook or invitation to the other world, and I haven’t related to the myriad characters introduced so far.

I once read you should use the following formula in determining how many pages you should read before giving up : 100 minus your age.  I think that’s about right.  There are too many good books out there that are more worthy of my time.  Goodness knows, I have lists and lists of them, not to mention my TBR pile (currently outweighed by my discard pile.)

What is your book “nyet” factor?

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