Unbelievable Rhubarb Success Stories

Unbelievable Rhubarb Success Stories! Not!

I’m not really going to write about unbelievable rhubarb success stories. Or unsuccessful. The above title came from a random blog title generator when I entered rhubarb into its search box (I’ll explain later).

incredible rhubarb success stories

Image by pixabay contributor planet fox

I beat myself up at least once a week for not posting more on this blog site. Why? Either I can’t think of anything to write about, or my life is incredibly boring. Now, I have no excuse. I can go here to give me ideas.

Now for the explanation for entering rhubarb in the search box. How many times have you talked about something and it appears on your Facebook page or Yahoo page? All the time, right? I’m convinced it’s not cookies, but tiny elves listening, hidden in your harddrive.

As an experiment, I’ve been talking about rhubarb when I have my laptop open. Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb (such an odd word to spell). So far, I’ve yet to see results, but this post might change the results. I’ll let you know.

If you’re looking for a great rhubarb recipe check here for a delicious strawberry-rhubarb crumble. Yum!

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