The Road to Hawaii – Aloha means hello and goodbye

The Road to Hawaii, or how we sold (almost) everything, quit our jobs and moved to Oahu, as told by one family who is experiencing it.

Today marks a pivotal point on our road to Hawaii.  “H” and “A” are leaving Michigan to start their life in Hawaii.  “L” and I are driving them to Chicago to catch a late night flight.

See, the universe has an odd sense of humor.  Last month, it was all “hey, dudes, here’s an offer that is so ridiculous in price, you’ll reject it.”  Which we did.  Then we made the bold move of telling “A” and “H” to go on without us, it might take months before we’d get another offer (the condo had been for sale for 2-1/2 years without a nibble).  So they made plane reservations.  But Mr. Universe came back the next day.  “Kidding about yesterday.  My mind was screwed with the international date line, or the upcoming Olympics or sunspots.  Here’s another offer.  Take it. Oh, and you won’t have a signing date for awhile.  Man up.”

That’s why they’re leaving today and we’re “cheerfully” seeing them off at the airport.  Of course, in a delayed gratification kind of way, we’re driving cross country and will see America, while they’re just cruising over it.

And no, the giant ball of twine in Cauwker, KS, isn’t on the list of back road sights we’ll see.  Been there, done that, not worth the trip.  Still taking suggestions for Kansas, Missouri and Colorado.


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